What’s in a good eyeglass frame?

The optical world of frames is both limited and vast. There is no shortage of frames in the world. At the same time, you can only do so much with an eyeglass frame. Factories have sprung up in the thousands across mainland China to fuel the growth of eyeglasses as a utility and now a fashion accessory.

Now we questions, What’s in a good eyeglass frame?


The first thing that’s noticeable in an eyeglass is the material used to manufacture it. The most basic is plastic Acetate and Injection Molded. Acetate eyeglass frames are usually die-cut in different parts such as the temples, front, nosepiece etc. An injection molded frame is as the name implies low quality plastic injected into a mold creating a complete piece in one shot. Injection molded frames tend to be of flimsy, sub-par looking pieces. Acetate frames are most notably the best in its class that delivers quality, durability, rich colors and styles.


The second thing is whether the frame has a hinge. For some, a spring hinge that allowed the frame temples to flex outward is an essential and cannot be overlooked. The type of hinge and how it is embedded is critical as it can determine or undermine its quality.



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