New Lulu Guinness Eyewear For Fall 2016

New York, NY (October, 2016) – Tura Inc., the inventor of fashion eyewear in 1938, debuts optical styles from its glamorous Lulu Guinness line, with four soft shapes inspired by the retro cat eye. This collection showcases frame fronts that marry retro with modern influences and luxury features. This selection of models features a statement color palette with unique color placement.

The Lulu Guinness eyewear collection is always Irresistible, Glamorous, and Mischievous with a hint of retro Chic styling. Cat eye shapes are commonly seen throughout the collection ranging from extreme, dramatic cats to softer shaped cats for a more everyday wearable frame.

The collection ranges from Hi-fashion styles that capture Lulu’s love for experimentation, to styles that are charming and perfect to wear every day. The frames are designed for the confident, independent, artistic, and sophisticated woman. The palette has a range of colors which include the prominent use of black, white, and red. They are featured in various ways through the use of color blocking and in her exclusively designed prints. Custom shaped end tip and Red lip foil logo plaque are featured on every frame for brand continuity.

A common characteristic seen in these 4 frames is the rectangular lens shape with uplifted temporal corners giving the frames a slightly cat eyed look. The cat eye shape is an important DNA characteristic of the collection which suits Lulu’s love of vintage glamour. They also feature the use of Lulu custom prints and color blocking techniques that are design concepts used to form a cohesive look in the Lulu Brand. Animal prints, stripes, and Lulu custom design motifs are used to tell the Lulu story and maintain the playful and unique identity of the brand.



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